Victoria Park is located blocks from Las Olas Boulevard, a quick walk from Downtown Fort Lauderdale, and a short bike or car drive from Fort Lauderdale Beach.  There is a tremendous amount of interest in townhomes located in Victoria Park.  I speak with developers fairly often and my feeling is that they are looking to start moving dirt and putting up townhomes on some lots in Victoria Park.  When done correctly, and keeping inVictoria Park Road character with the architecture styles that exist in Victoria Park, I think this is a great thing!

We have dogs and I can promise you it's a great neighborhood for dog walking!  There are a lot of roads that are only used by the residents of Victoria Park.  This isn't to say they are private roads by any means.  It just so happens that a number of streets in Victoria Park are dead ends.  So unless you have a reason to be on one of the many side streets, you'll probably stay on the main roads.  This is great for residents of the neighborhood.

Fort Lauderdale has a number of Art's festivals.  Did you know Victoria Park has one of it's own?  The 8th Annual Art and Jazz Festival will be taking place Sunday April 7, 2013 from noon to 4pm.  You can find more information on the festival here.  The festival takes place where Broward Boulevard meets Victoria Park road.  The park is pictured in this post.

Take a look at the homes for sale in Victoria Park

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Written By Casey Prindle