Yesterday it was reported that Wal-Mart is looking to move into a piece of land located by the corner of Sunrise Blvd and Andrews Avenue.  The full story can be found here on the website.  I'll give a general recap and some of my thoughts from a real estate perspective.

The proposed site is located on the southwest corner of Sunrise and Andrews.  If you're traveling west on Sunrise you would pass the Home Depot that's on the corner of 4th.  Keep traveling past the car dealership on the south side of the street, and find yourself at the light by Andrew's Ave.  If you glance to the south west side of the street you will see a huge vacant lot.  I believe a Walgreen's is on the north side of the street.  You can't miss the vacant lot, it's enormous.  The proposed site is 7 acres.

The article goes on to say that the proposed store would not be a huge super center, but rather a Neighborhood Market store.  If you've traveled on Sunrise over to 95 there is very little development or services that you will find in the area.  Because of this the Progresso Village Association as well as the South Middle River Association are in favor of the project.  I think those endorsements are vital to the projects success.  Further I was happy to read that Wal-Mart consulted with the neighborhood associations before moving forward with the project.

From a real estate prospective, Progresso Village needs as much development as it can find.  There are zoning ordinances in the area that heavily favor real estate development and economic development, though both have been slow to come to the area.  Anytime you're redeveloping 7 acres of land it's going to impact the surrounding area.  My hope is that this provides residents of the area access to groceries and products that are currently not available without a drive down Federal Highway.

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Written By Casey Prindle