Is your home worth more than it was 4 years ago?  This is the title of an article that appeared in today's edition of USA Today.  While my natural focus is on our local market, I do try to feed my readers timely articles on the national level.  I think this one fits the bill.  The main points of the article are:

  • Home prices posted their best annual gains since summer of 2006
  • Existing home sales in February were the highest in the last 3 years on a national scale
  • Housing permits for new construction were at their highest level since June of 2008

The article goes on to point out that

  • Home values remain approximately 30% below their peak levels
  • Don't rush into pricey home improvement projects
  • Distressed sales have dwindled and for sale inventory is at its lowest level since 1999

You can find the complete article here, it's worth the quick read!