Home Prices in Fort Lauderdale July 2015

I'm going to lead off with a surprise, but not a very good one for the bulls out there.  Year over year price per square foot sales are down, median home pricing is down, and the total number of sales are down.  Not exactly what I was expecting to write this month.  If you're a seller you might want to stop reading this months post now.

Year over year total number of sales show a 16.2% decline.  The only real silver lining I can find here is that pending sales are up 18.7% year over year.  I'm seeing more and more financed buyers enter the market.  Logically speaking a financed buyer will make a home sit in pending longer than a cash buyer who closes quickly.  Not the greatest silver lining or comforting thought for sellers, but a thought nonetheless.

I drilled down a couple of numbers that some may find interesting, or terrifying.  When you filter to $1 million and above you'll find 39 sales that happened in June of 2014, and 19 sales that happened in June of 2015.  That's a 51.3% year over year decline.  There are 359 active listings priced over $1 million, only 19 sold last month.  That's staggering.  It translates through to 18.9 months of supply on the high end.

Conversely if you filter up to $400,000 you'll see that of the 166 total sales last month, 97 were priced below $400,000.  There are 428 actively listed properties priced below $400,000, or a slim 4.4 months of inventory.  I pulled these out to illustrate what segment of the market is moving, and what segment is a bit stuck.

Fort Lauderdale homes for sale and sold July 2015

Year over year the per square foot pricing is down 11.9%.  That's a pretty big figure.  I dug in a bit and found a couple of interesting tidbits to share.  Single family waterfront per square foot pricing is up 19% year over year.  Single family non waterfront property pricing is down by a slim margin of 1.9% year over year.

Overall per square foot pricing is down 11.9% year over year.  We're a bit below the average for the year, which sits at $335 a foot.  A dip below $300 would be a big step back, but we'll see what next month brings.  I still do believe we'll see the per square foot number take a large bounce upwards in the 4th quarter.

Average Price Per Square foot home sales Fort Lauderdale July 2015

Median pricing is down 18.9% year over year.  Again I am seeing more financed buyers enter the market.  Most of these purchases are going to be on the lower end.  As I noted earlier the heaviest activity right now is on the least expensive properties.  It's no shock that median pricing would fall if the most active segment of the market is on the lowest end, but it's still a pretty frightening number to look at.  I had been looking to get closer to $400,000 as a median price by the end of the year.  If the higher end doesn't sop up some inventory, we're going to be stuck with these lower median figures for a while.

Fort Lauderdale Median Home Prices July 2015

We seem to be settling somewhere around 7 months of inventory.  Buyers this gives you a slight advantage.  A neutral market has 6 months of inventory.  A sellers market has less than 6 months of inventory, and a buyers market has over 6 months of inventory.  As noted earlier, inventory levels are going to swing wildly based on price point.  It's a sellers market on the low end, buyers market on the higher end.  Last year at this time we were in a sellers market, now we've swung towards a buyers market.

Fort Lauderdale months of housing inventory

Day on market really isn't swinging around much as you can see.  Properties are selling for roughly 90% of original list price again and again.  No real news here.

Fort Lauderdale days on market home sales July 2015

I'm more and more curious about what this fall and winter are going to bring.  Properties not moving on the higher end are really dragging our market down here locally when you view it as a whole.  On the lower end I'm seeing buyers who just want a home that's reasonably priced.  They're not nervous about doing work over time to fix the house up, which is a bit of a swing from a few years ago.  The first time financed buyer is really beginning to make a return to the market from what I'm seeing.  On the lower end that's really welcome news as large scale investors entering the single family home market have completely dried up over the last 12 months.

As always, the disclaimer.  Real Estate market report provided by Casey Prindle of Keller Williams Realty.  This market report will cover the neighborhoods of: Rio VistaVictoria ParkDowntown Fort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale BeachHarbor Beach, Lauderdale Harbors, Sailboat BendTarpon RiverCroissant Park, Collee Hammock, Las Olas IslesLake RidgeWilton ManorsCoral Ridge, and Poinsettia Heights.  Zip codes covered in this report will include 33301, 33304, 33305, 33315, and 33316.  Data reviewed will be compiled by zip code and cover a 12 month period from April of 2014 through April of 2015.  Data is taken from the South Florida MLS and provided by Trendgraphix.  Property types include single family, condominiums, and townhouses.

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