Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center Renovation

Earlier this week Candace and I attended a presentation about the future of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center.  The truth is, the convention center is wildly outdated, and an eye sore.  Put that together with the fact that the 17th street causeway (the main access road to the convention center) is usually backed up with traffic, and you can begin to understand the need for a redesigned convention center.  Bottom line is that when we draw in large convention shows, it adds money into our local economy.  The question isn't if the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center will get a redesign, it's when.

I thought some fascinating thoughts came out of the presentation.  Most of the thoughts came from local residents.  First there's the idea that if the convention center expands, the boat show can as well.  Should you work docking space into the new convention center it would facilitate a larger boat show.  Additionally, should you construct mega yacht slips, you would generate large revenue year round for docking rentals.  Another thought was creating more access roads for the traffic, or rerouting existing traffic.  You need to alleviate congestion on 17th street before adding more traffic into the equation.

While it's nice to know about the happenings in Fort Lauderdale, I really go to these meetings so I can try and understand how the redevelopment will impact real estate in the city.  Below are the renderings of the four designs that are now being considered.

Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center Model 1Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center Model 2

Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center Model 3Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center Model 4

If you're familiar with the area you can see that the renovation of the Greater Fort Lauderdale Convention Center is going to greatly impact the Port Condominiums.  The Port Condominiums are located at 1819 SE 17th Street.  As it stands today, units on the south east corner of the building have a magnificent view of the intracoastal.  If models 1,2, or 4 are adopted this will impact views from the Port Condominium complex.  This is something buyers need to be made fully aware of if they're considering purchasing a unit at the Port Condominiums.  Some lines in the building will not be impacted at all by the renovation of the convention center.  Other lines in the building will be directly impacted.  No design plan is set in stone as of today.

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Written By Casey Prindle