Fort Lauderdale Industrial Real Estate Opportunities

Fort Lauderdale Industrial Property

Real estate is an interesting commodity.  With stocks you try to anticipate a companies earnings.  You buy or sell based on those current earnings, or future projections.  Real estate isn't that different.  If you can keep your fingers on the pulse of a town, or city, you can anticipate the needs of the residents.  You also learn what services are lacking in certain area's, and what demand for those services may be, just by listening to your neighbors.  That gives you inside information which you can use to buy or sell real estate.  Try doing that with stocks and you'll go to jail!

How much have you heard about the expansion of Port Everglades?  Let me give you the crash course.  There are three expansion projects currently underway at Port Everglades.  The goal of those three projects is to add up to five new berths (wharf, dock, pier), widen and deepen the channel to 50 feet (so more ships can come and go), and bring rail cars directly into the port (intermodal transfer facility).  What this means is Port Everglades will be receiving more ships, that hold more cargo, in the near future.

So where's the opportunity?  That's really easy to see, we're going to need more warehouse space to house goods.  It really can't get any more simplistic than that.  In order to keep costs low you would want to have your warehouse close to the port, and the airport.  Fort Lauderdale has excellent proximity to major highways, the port, and the airport!  I can't leave the northern parts of Dania Beach out of this discussion as I believe they stand to benefit greatly as well.

Have you driven around the area north of the airport (595) and south of State Road 84?  It's a large industrial area with tons of warehouse spacing.  There's going to be a need for all types of storage spacing as traffic at the Port rises.  Distribution centers, cold storage, warehouses with high ceilings, high security storage centers, and more, will all be needed.

I can also give you another compelling reason to invest in warehouse spacing.  It requires little deferred maintenance costs.  Property upgrades are going to be less costly versus other property types.  If you wanted to build from the ground up it's one of the cheapest builds you can do.  So we have a future need, and we have a low cost to construct and maintain.  If you would like to know more about investing in warehouse properties, or if your business has a need for more storage space in Fort Lauderdale, call or email me.

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Written By Casey Prindle