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If you're among the many people that own property in Fort Lauderdale as a second home, this post is for you.  Last year I had a client call and ask me if I could go by his house because a neighbor told him water was running out of the rear of the home.  I went by and found a flooded house.  A water pipe had burst inside a wall and ruined the interior of the home.  What started as a small water leak, which continued for several weeks, eventually filled the house with water.  This was a small leak, but over time, it became a massive problem.  It's also something that could have been prevented had the problem been noticed shortly after it began.

Sadly things like this happen everyday inside of second homes people own in Fort Lauderdale.  As we are upon the time of year when snowbirds flee Fort Lauderdale, I'd like to remind all of those homeowners not to abandon their home.  It gets hot down here in the summertime.  If you aren't running your air conditioner, you may come back to a home filled with mold.  Critters, crawlers, reptiles, and things that go bump in the night will enter vacant homes.  Mail can pile up in the driveway which results in an eye sore, can upset your neighbors, and lets criminals know your home is vacant.  It's imperative that while you're out of town, you have someone coming by to check on the home weekly, or at least bi-weekly, in my opinion.

Thankfully, I have a solution to this problem!  Candace and I are principals in a company which offers home watch services, as well as property management.  The company was born out of my clients asking me to come by their properties in order to check up on them.  It only makes sense to formalize this portion of my business.  You don't have to be a current real estate client of mine in order to use our Fort Lauderdale Home Watch service.  Feel free to let your friends and neighbors know we are available should they need someone to check up on their homes.  We've created service contracts for those interested, and are quoting the following prices (subject to change):

1.  One Visit Per Week (home is visited 4 times a month)

  • Condominium $20
  • Single Family Residence or Townhouse $25
  • Estate Sized Home (over 3,500 square feet) $35

2. Bi Weekly or Single Visit Rates

  • Condominium $30
  • Single Family Residence or Townhouse $35
  • Estate Sized Home (over 3,500 square feet) $55

Giving someone the keys to your home is a matter of trust.  You may have done a real estate deal with me previously, you may be considering doing one in the future.  It's imperative that you deal with someone who is credible if they're going to have access to your home.

If you'd like to hear more about our Fort Lauderdale Home Watch Service please call (786-443-7203) or email me (

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Written By Casey Prindle