Fort Lauderdale Home Prices April 2016

This month I'm going to do a bit deeper of a dive in price point by property type as a few of you have been asking me questions about this.  What I continue to see is the market really moving in some price point segments, and very slow in others.  I could write a very long post about this, but I'm going to try and condense it down for you the best way that I can.  Before we dig into the finer points of data in the chart, lets take a look at a breakdown of the 167 sales last month by property type and price point:

  • 49 total sales of $249k and below: 9 sales were single family and 40 were condo or townhouse
  • 48 total sales between $250k and $499k: 14 sales were single family and 34 were condo or townhouse
  • 48 total sales between $500k and $999k: 23 sales were single family and 25 were condo or townhouse
  • 22 total sales above $1 million: 16 were single family and 6 were condo or townhouse

Speaking to my luxury crowd who were also pretty active in emailing or calling me this month, there's 22 months of supply in the million dollar plus category right now, with 152 new listings added this month.  If you're in the price bracket and want to have a deeper discussion or breakdown some more numbers just email or call me as I can't make this whole post about luxury, but your market is a very interesting one right now.

The reason I wanted to show all of you the above breakdown is because I really believe it's important to understand where the market is moving, where it's slow, and how this should help you price when buying or selling a home.  A small note would be that the 9 sales of single family below $249k is a bit deceiving because it's hard to find a piece of land, let alone a home, in that price range in the area that I cover so you would expect to see very few sales at that price.  That being said, there certainly is a healthy market in the lower priced condo's.

Let's swing back to the overall data.  Month over month sales data showed a bit of an uptick, a very respectable 15.2% increase from 145 to 167.  I was happy to see this because my overall feel from listing and showing property lately has been very low sales velocity.  I also think we need to look at the year over year figure as it's easy to just see the month over month uptick and think we're moving back to a faster moving marketplace.  Year over year sales dipped from 186 to 167, a 10.2% decrease.  Year over year we've also seen the number of actively listed properties rise from 1261 to 1431, an increase of 13.5%.  I've really been hammering this into sellers heads when I sit with them.  Right there's a slower sales market than we had a year ago, and more actively listed properties.  In some price points and with certain property types sellers are going to not only have to get aggressive, but really have their properties marketed with all the bells and whistles.

Fort Lauderdale Home For Sale Prices April 2016

Every once and a while I get something right!  Last month I was speculating that we would see prices fall back towards that $350 per square foot mark.  That really seems to be where buyers are comfortable.  I believe last month was a bit of an anomaly.  Each month we run above $350 a foot by too wide of a margin there's always a pullback.  I do believe this is where we should be trading.  If we fall below $300 a foot we would be trading too low, above $400 too high, the market seems to recognize that.  Month over month we're down 11.8% on per square foot pricing, again, not something I'd put too much stock in.  I don't see this being an indication that we're going to be in a down trend headed for disaster, it's just prices pushing back to where they've been over the last year.

Fort Lauderdale Home Prices per square foot April 2016

Median pricing is a bit interesting.  I was having a discussion with someone last week that reads the blog.  It's interesting, if you take the sales below $249k that occurred last month (49 sales or 29% of the 167 sales that took place) the median pricing number jumps to $559K.  Point being, the lower dollar sales really distort the overall median price figure in Fort Lauderdale.  I digress.  I'm not going to focus much on month over month, I'd rather look at the year over year where we see a 1.7% decline, essentially flat.  This is really what I keep trying to point out.  If you take out the noise of the overpriced listings, and the volume of those that exist, few sellers are going to see significant increases in sales price versus last year.  We're really in a flattening market.

Median Home Sale Prices in Fort Lauderdale April 2016

Will we continue to see inventory decrease?  Doubtful.  Just a reminder, this slide is of the overall market.  We use this as a pulse.  However, if you're thinking of buying or selling please talk to me about what inventory levels look like in your price range, the market is completely different by price bracket.  As an example, there is 21.9 months of supply in the million dollar plus category, and 3.7 months in the $249k and below market.  One market favors buyers, the other sellers.  Overall our marketplace is favoring buyers, it's going to be hard to chip away quickly at the sheer number of existing listings (1431) and the number of new listings last month (426).

Fort Lauderdale Months of Housing Inventory April 2016

Now this is a bit interesting in a slide which had really looked the same for months and months.  Sellers this ones for you!  This time last year you were expected to have your home on the market for an average of 97 days, and sell at 89% of listing price.  A year later that number has increased to 116 days in order to sell at 90% of list price.  The days on market do not include the time you're in contract, just the time it takes to get into contract from the day it was listed on the MLS.  Most closings are going to be between 30 and 60 days.  That puts the total timeline closer to 6 months from the day you list your home, to the day you have to move out of it.  It's something important to keep in mind, especially if you're trying to list at a price above what your home is worth, which is going to extend that timeline out even farther.

Fort Lauderdale Average days on Market Home Sales April 2016

Financing is finally showing up again!  The past 4-5 months I've been seeing a lot of financed offers come through on my listings.  There are of course pitfalls, buyers still need to be well qualified and vetted, significant down payments are still a must.  The great thing is, the financed deals have been closing.  I pulled some data for Broward County.  Here's a couple bullet points:

  • In March of 2015 there were 473 single family home sales that were made in all cash.  In March of 2016 there were 411 single family homes sales that were all cash.  A decline of 13.1%.
  • In March of 2015 there were 1,088 condo sales that were made in all cash.  In March of 2016 there were 1052 condo sales that were made in all cash. A decline of 3.3%.

Here's my point, financing is slowly making it's way back into the market, especially into the single family home market.  This is good news for both buyers and sellers as it's going to help with liquidity.

As always, the disclaimer.  Real Estate market report provided by Casey Prindle of Keller Williams Realty.  This market report will cover the neighborhoods of: Rio VistaVictoria ParkDowntown Fort LauderdaleFort Lauderdale BeachHarbor Beach, Lauderdale Harbors, Sailboat BendTarpon RiverCroissant Park, Collee Hammock, Las Olas IslesLake RidgeWilton ManorsCoral Ridge, and Poinsettia Heights.  Zip codes covered in this report will include 33301, 33304, 33305, 33315, and 33316.  Data reviewed will be compiled by zip code and cover a 12 month period from April of 2014 through April of 2015.  Data is taken from the South Florida MLS and provided by Trendgraphix.  Property types include single family, condominiums, and townhouses.

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