Looking for a place to live that is dog or pet friendly in Fort Lauderdale?  There are a number of condominium buildings in Fort Lauderdale that are dog and pet friendly.  The two that immediately come to mind are the Waverly at Las Olas and Nu River Landing buildings.  Both buildings have liberal policies in terms of the size of dog they will allow.  The Waverly and Nu River buildings, like most, do have breed restrictions.

There's going to be a large difference in the allowance of dogs depending on whether you are buying or renting.  As an example PineCrest Village offDog Friendly Fort Lauderdale Broward Boulevard in Victoria Park will allow dogs.  However, they will only allow unit owners to have dogs.  Those renting in the complex are prohibited from having a dog.  Renters with dogs will face a small amount of inventory available when compared with those looking to purchase.  If you are looking to rent in Fort Lauderdale and you have a dog be prepared!  Start looking well before you need to move into an apartment.  It's very difficult to find something that is dog friendly at the last minute.  Cat lovers have it much easier when looking for a rental that allows pets.

Those looking to purchase in Fort Lauderdale will find it much easier to buy a home that will allow dogs.  The easiest way to guarantee your dog will be allowed is to purchase a single family home.  If  you don't want the upkeep responsibilities of a single family home, you may want to look at townhomes.  The majority of townhouse developments in Fort Lauderdale don't have many restrictions on dogs.  However, it is essential that we check with the home owners association prior to purchase to ensure they will allow your pup.

If you're looking to purchase a condominium in Fort Lauderdale that allows dogs feel free to ask me what the pet policies are in each building.  I have a decent sized data base of pet friendly buildings, especially those in Downtown Fort Lauderdale.

As a side note to all of this I met the developer of Marina Lofts, Asi Cymbal, several weeks ago in my office.  While their project is going to be a rental only project, they are planning to be dog and pet friendly.  The devlopment will feature a large park and green space next to the buildings.  Hopefully the trend continues and those putting up new buildings, as well as those buildings that are currently standing, start loosening their restrictions on dogs.  Especially for those of us that have dogs over 20 lbs!

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Written By Casey Prindle