The Best Reason To Buy Fort Lauderdale Beach Real Estate

buy Fort Lauderdale Beach real estate

As we inch towards Memorial Day weekend, I don't think anyone wants to read a post filled with statistics and analysis.  When I think of Memorial Day I think of the start of summer!  So today I'm going to put my advertising hat on.  I probably should have written this in February when I'm having fun in the sun and those in the north are freezing!

Everyone knows it, everyone has fond memories of it.  There's no need to advertise it, it has its own marketing department.  That department specializes in views, tranquility, relaxation, memories, and fun.  The product itself is one of the most successful billboards of all time.  The beaches relationship with people is overwhelmingly positive.

Everyone has a story to tell about the beach.   I have many memories.  Living on Cape Cod and counting the days down until summer.  I remember driving around the small parking lots so many beaches on Cape Cod have, desperately trying to find a parking space.    

I remember the trip to California I took while I briefly contemplated attending law school out west.  I remember driving up Pacific Coast Highway to La Jolla and being amazed at the rocks and cliffs the pounding of the ocean waves had created over time.

I remember laying out at the L Street Bathhouse in South Boston.  I'd just look out over the bay and be amazed at the serenity of a beach so close to the center of Boston.

I remember driving my 1984 Malibu from Dorchester to Revere Beach.  I held my breathe the entire ride hoping my car wouldn't break down.  The car didn't have air conditioning.  I was driving with three of my friends.  We were drenched in sweat by the time we got to the beach, but we were certain we were going to impress all the girls.

I remember one of my best friends, who was living in Brooklyn, buying a Jeep Cherokee, then immediately coming by my apartment in Manhattan.  The ink wasn't even dry on the contract for his purchase, but he demanded we drive to the Jersey Shore.  We ended up in Seaside Heights.  We didn't know hotels got booked months in advance down the shore.  We had too much to drink and had to sleep in the brand new truck!  

I remember moving to Miami Beach in the dead of winter from NYC.  I was living on 92nd and Collins, literally right on the beach.  I soaked up the sun every weekend, though everyone else was in long sleeves.  I thought Floridians were nuts, it was 75 degrees and they're in sweaters!  Who knew I'd become one of those sweater wearing nuts!

I remember Candace and I knowing we wanted to leave Miami, but weren't sure where we wanted to live.  We stayed at B Ocean on Fort Lauderdale Beach.  After being in this town for a few days we knew this would be home for us, and Fort Lauderdale Beach would be our beach.

Your memories may be different.  Maybe it was a vacation that you remember so fondly.  Maybe you had a great date and fell in love with the beach as a backdrop.  Maybe you got your toes in the sand, body in the salt water, and just felt at home.   Maybe you've seen your children playing in the wet beach sand and smiled for 3 days thinking about it.  

The beach is the currency of happiness.  This is why so many vacation homes are bought on Fort Lauderdale Beach.  If you'd like to create some great memories of your own, let's talk about buying a place on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

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Written By Casey Prindle

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