A not so dog friendly Fort Lauderdale?Dog Friendly Fort Lauderdale Mahi

Mahi is in disguise so he can blend into what I fear is becoming a less dog friendly Fort Lauderdale.  There have been a number of updates to dog policies in the buildings of Downtown Fort Lauderdale over the last couple of months.  The changes largely impact tenants renting units, rather than unit owners who reside in the buildings.  With a number of new rental complex's going up in the Downtown Fort Lauderdale area I have to question the timing of a less dog friendly Fort Lauderdale.  Unit owners, and tenants, should be aware of the possible impact these changes may have.  Should the rental buildings currently under construction allow dogs it will impact the already built condominium buildings.  The pool of available tenants that the condominium buildings of Downtown Fort Lauderdale can draw in will shrink if they continue to restrict tenants with dogs, while the new buildings allow them.  Typically, a tenant with a dog know's they have fewer options when it comes to renting.  Because of this they are, for the most part, willing to leave larger deposits and pay more in monthly rent.  You can argue that the increased deposits and rent have to be put back into the unit after the tenant leaves in the form of deodorizing, or re-carpeting.  My opinion is that you can minimize those costs by using a quality cleaning service.  I can speak more about this topic offline to unit owners looking to control costs after a tenant vacates.

I love the restaurants that allow dogs on their outside patios.  I love buildings, and HOA's, that understand not all dogs weigh 8 pounds so restrictions on weight often make little sense.  I love Snyder Park for being a puppy playground.  I can't begin to tell you the number of clients I have with dogs that had the sole buying requirement that a building allow dogs.  Do you know how many people I've ever dealt with that have said it's essential that they buy a unit in a building that does not allow dogs?  None.  Financing is finally coming back on purchases in the buildings of Fort Lauderdale.  The last thing associations need to do at this point in the recovery is alienate a pool of buyers with furry friends.

Buildings that have recently passed, or are considering, less dog friendly policies are:

  •  The Waverly.  Tenants are no longer allowed to have dogs.  Unit owners can with few restrictions.
  • Pine Crest Village.  Tenants are not allowed to have dogs. Unit owners can with restrictions.
  • Symphony Condominiums.  Board is considering a proposal so that no tenant can have a dog.  Current weight limit on dogs is 35 pounds.

Buildings that have the most liberal dog policies are:

  • Sole.  No restrictions on weight of dogs for tenants or unit owners.
  • Nu River Landings.  Very dog friendly building for both tenants and unit owners.
  • Avenue Lofts currently has  no weight restrictions on dogs for unit owners or tenants.
  • Mill Lofts currently has  no weight restrictions on dogs for unit owners or tenants.
  • Foundry Lofts currently has  no weight restrictions on dogs for unit owners or tenants.
  • Bamboo Lofts currently has  no weight restrictions on dogs for unit owners or tenants.

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Written By Casey Prindle